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Market Research meets Web3

EARLY ONES is a market research platform dedicated to the Web3 space. It is essential to talk to potential customers and gather feedback from them when developing a new Web3 product. However, the (semi)anonymous nature of Web3 makes this very hard. EARLY ONES connects you with verified Web3 users, so you can gather actionable insights for the development of your product.

EARLY ONES helps you gather useful insights for every stage of your product development cycle. Create a survey to perform your initial market research. Already have something to show? Create a feedback assignment to get feedback from verified Web3 users. Or get real personal by findings interviews to talk about your product, or beta-users to test your product.

Get the insights you need

Fully customizable listings

  • Customizable Listings

    Gather all the information you need to build or improve your Web3 products with the use of a fully customizable listing.

  • Analyze results

    Analyze the result from your listing in your dashboard, or export the data to use how you see fit.

Custom Listing

Connect with those who matter

Reach your target audience

  • Reach the Unreachable

    EARLY ONES has a large network of anonymous Web3 users. Get in touch with them to get a better understanding of your market and your target audience.

  • On- and off-chain characteristics

    Create a listing for a specific target audience. Select desired onchain and offchain characteristics to segment your audience.

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Start building better Web3 products today. Connect with our community of verified Web3 users and gather actionable insights on how to improve your product.

“EARLY ONES helped us understand ánd reach the first users for Risecoin. We can't wait to create a feedback listing when we launch later this month.”

Yemi Awobusuyi

Founder at Risecoin.xyz

Listing Types

Create a custom form that matches your information needs. We currently offer the possibilities to create the 4 different types of listings described below. We will help you to create the form that best fits your needs.


Ask questions on any topic to better understand how Web3 users think and act.

Feedback Assignment

Receive feedback on early concepts, features, product demos, and more.


Gather actionable insights and opinions in a personal 1-on-1 conversation.

Beta users

Find real beta users to try out your product, and gather insights based on their experience.

Make informed decisions

Build better products in 3 steps

You are only 3 steps away from creating better Web3 products. Start gathering actionable insights from verified Web3 users today.


Create a listing

Use our form-builder to create a custom listing to share with our community of verified Web3 users.


Reach relevant users

Select the users you want to reach. Use On-Chain and Off-Chain characteristics to find your users.


Build better products

Analyze and export the results of your listing. Use the data to build better products.

Pricing Options

We offer a variety of pricing options for you to choose from.



Create a standard listing to try out EARLY ONES.

  • Max Responses: 15
  • Max Questions: 3
  • Promoted on Twitter and Discord
  • Survey or Feedback listing
  • Interview or Beta User listing
  • Target Specific Web3 Users
  • Promoted in Newsletter



/ listing

Create targeted custom listings.

  • Max Responses: 200
  • Max Questions: Unlimited
  • Promoted on Twitter and Discord
  • Survey or Feedback listing
  • Interview or Beta User listing
  • Target Specific Web3 Users
  • Promoted in Newsletter

EARLY ONES made us understand our potential customers better before we actually launched.


Anything unclear?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are the Early Ones?
We have a large community with over 5.000 verified Web3 users, who want to help you with by sharing their insights and opinions. We call them the Early Ones. The Early Ones are getting rewarded by us for helping you out!
What is a listing?
A listing is a post on the EARLY ONES platform, where you can share you form to receive input from the community or find someone to help you with your project.
What happens after I submit my listing?
We will contact you within 1 business day after receiving your submission. Together, we will go over your requirements to complete your listing before we share it with our community.

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We are fully doxed

The Team

Although we have online nicknames like VivaLaBram and DiLoco, we believe in full transparency when it comes to building products that revolve around crypto and Web3.

Bram Kanstein

Bram Kanstein

Avid early adopter of digital products since '99 and an experienced product builder with 4 acquisitions to date. My biggest success was a startup resources website with 1M+ users.

David Lo Dico

David Lo Dico

Experienced entrepreneur and developer extraordinaire with a business degree. Went from a successful nootropics business to Fullstack dev and Solidity. New IRL nickname: The Shippooor.

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